Moggs, our intrepid reporter, doesn’t get to have all the musical fun you know! Although my musical evening was with a much different crowd from hers.

It was a dinner and private musical performance put on for the clients of a local financial management firm at, of all places, the local River Rock Casino Resort. A cocktail reception and a very nice dinner preceded the musical part of the evening, all taking place in the resort’s dinner theatre venue.

Michael Kaeshammer, the young man to the left, a very talented pianist and singer, entertained us with his special brand of keyboard wizardry playing jazz and boogie woogie. He was totally mesmerizing as he along with bass player Mark Rogers and drummer Mark McLean put together a great performance for the very appreciative audience.

Michael was born in Germany and studied classical piano before discovering boogie woogie and jazz at age 13. Within several years he was touring across Germany playing in clubs and at concerts and festivals. Moving with his family to Canada he soon established himself as a performer at jazz and blues festivals. His career has grown over the past ten years and this gifted young pianist entertains audiences around the globe.

Here is a youTube offering if you are so inclined you can hear Michael and the two Marks yourself and appreciate what great performers they are.