Nautical: adjective, relating to ships, sailing or sailors

A selection of ships from my archives, some seen here before but not for Photo Hunt

The Star of India was launched in 1863 and is the oldest ship in the world that still maintains a regular sailing schedule. It forms part of the Maritime Museum of San Diego, a collection of various types of historic boats which can be seen moored at the Embarcadero.

The HMS Surprise is a magnificent replica of a late 18th century Royal Navy frigate and she was used in the production of the film, Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World. Also in the same museum.

Wings, built in 1931, is one of the Pacific Class wooden hulled boats, racing yachts designed locally and for southern California waters.

USS Midway was the longest serving aircraft carrier in the United States fleet, from its commissioning in 1945 to its service in Desert Storm in 1991. In 2004 it opened as a museum at its final mooring place in San Diego harbour.

But I guess you expected to see some boats in Vancouver. How about this one with an opulent powerboat, a dragon boat, a False creek mini ferry and a black sail boat, all in the same photo.

Finally, sailing at its leanest and meanest. A kitesurfer sailing along on a windy day in Vancouver. Yes stretching the term nautical in this last one. Do click to enlarge this one.