I grew up in the days when women were not properly dressed unless they wore hats and gloves and matching shoes and handbags. All through my twenties until sometime in my early thirties I always wore a hat. Then came freedom from hats and “hat hair“.

There has been a resurgence in the wearing of hats by some women, including me, and you saw one of my current hats in the RED Saturday Photo Hunt.

Despite moving to two different countries in the meantime, I still have one hat from my youth in Australia, all those many years ago. I bought it for the wedding of a university friend who married the year we graduated, in 1957. So fifty years old, and rather OLD FASHIONED, but still quite lovely, may I present this hat which I do wear very occasionally.

I need an invite to a garden party tea. Don’t you love
the full-blown roses?

I could not decide which angle was better, so you have both.

Two OLD FASHIONED ladies, with JMB on the right, never without a hat
in those days, the Fifties